Cylon Bingo

A 3-way discussion with no intrinsic value to any person on this planet.

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Subtitle: A 3-way discussion with no intrinsic value to any person on this planet.
Summary: Three friends decided to record their conversations as a lark. With no broadcasting experience, a total lack of personality or self-awareness they put a podcast out in the ether to see if other characters could understand their bizarre opinions on todays nonsense. Contact us at: Visit us at: Twitter: @CylonBingo
Author: Cylon Bingo; Category: Comedy; Explicit: Yes

Track Listing

Cylon Bingo / Cylon Bingo -- In the Beginning0:42:57128kbps4410039.34 MB
Adam, Nathan and Pat bust their cherries in Episode One of Cylon Bingo! Marvel at the Nervousness! Listen in awe as Adam reveals how he really feels about his grandparents! Find out just how gay Nathan is and discover what Pat really thinks of his friends sitting across from him!

keywords: Titans-Cylon
Cylon Bingo / Episode Two1:06:46128kbps4410061.13 MB
Join Adam, Nathan and Pat as they discuss whether Shia Laboeuf deserves credibility or which Star Trek movie was the best. Oh, and there is a talk of Pre-nups and whether Weddings still need to occur. All in all, its just another Monday night mash-up.

Cylon Bingo / C*ck C*ock C*ock1:25:20128kbps4410078.13 MB
Adam, Nathan and Pat return with the longest episode yet!... Also with a spankin' new intro! The boys try and get back into the swing of things and catch up on the latest happenings in town. Now featuring indie bands from BROOD Records!
The latest episode of Cylon Bingo recorded June 21st, 2010
keywords: potter-nerd-indie-funny
Cylon Bingo / Thats Retarded 00 Sorry1:20:30128kbps4410073.7 MB
Adam, Nathan and Pat settle in for a long chat bookended by new intro's and great music. FUTURAMA is back and is the focus for the whole discussion, also, we celebrate a birthday.

keywords: fleshlight-futurama-cylon-bingo
Cylon Bingo / Gods Own Special Sauce1:31:03128kbps4410083.38 MB
Adam, Nathan and Pat settle in for a long one in Episode Five of Cylon Bingo. In this special episode Pat showcases his knack for humorous impressions, Nathan reveals his vision of Heaven and Adam has problems thinking Fourth Dimensionally.
Impressions, Rewards in Heaven and Over-thinking Science Fiction Films
keywords: impression-heaven-fleshlight-humor-comedy-cylon-bingo
Cylon Bingo / SECRET ORIGINS1:28:42128kbps4410081.21 MB
Cylon Bingo is back with episode 6 entitled SECRET ORIGINS! Discover how Adam, Nathan and Pat met one another! Listen to the Pro's and Con's of Beastiality according to three people who have no experience in the matter.
"Hookups" and "Fuckups"
keywords: cylon-bingo-origin-beastiality-comedy-adult
Cylon Bingo / INCEPTION1:07:28128kbps4410061.78 MB
A brand new episode of Cylon Bingo! Adam and Nathan try to explain their feelings on Chris Nolans INCEPTION! SPOILERS! SPOILERS! SPOILERS!
SPOILERS! A discussion of 2010's Inception
keywords: Chris Nolan-Inception-Cylon-Bingo-Comedy
Cylon Bingo / 12-inch King Kong0:49:22128kbps4410045.21 MB
Yet another new episode of Cylon Bingo! Adam, Nathan and Pat are joined by Mike from B.C. for a series of pointless discussions. This week we deal with Porno, Star Wars and the X-files.
This week we deal with Porno, Star Wars and the X-files.
keywords: e.t.-porn-star wars-xfiles-comedy-cylon-humor
Cylon Bingo / Interspecies Erotica OR 100lbs Pussy1:06:49128kbps4410061.19 MB
We're back with a vengence! Adam, Nathan and Pat have to take up an issue with iTunes about Censorship. Also, they tackle sex-ed in Canada. Sit back and enjoy CYLON BINGO.
Pushing the envelope
keywords: sex-comedy-censorship-cylon-humor-funny
Cylon Bingo / SHIT DICK1:00:35128kbps4410055.48 MB
On a very special episode of CYLON BINGO -- We dive into the Aniston-Retard debate, discuss racism and 'hate-ism' in general. There is talk of wallets and sexual disease communicable via human feces. As usual, take it worth a grain of salt! Come play with Adam, Nathan and Pat!
We have Jennifer Aniston's back in this episode
keywords: comedy-humor-retard-aniston-cylon-bingo-mongoloid-shit-dick
Cylon Bingo / Vaginal Electric1:09:34128kbps4410063.7 MB
Cylon Bingo gets sexy with the latest episode! Whether its sex with the Joker, sexy dress-up at the FanExpo or finally succumbing to the temptations of robot women, we can't get enough of the horizontal mambo. Join us, Adam, Nathan and Pat for a sexy good time!
Fembots & Cosplay, a sexy good time
keywords: sexy-funny-robot-fembot-humor-comedy-cylon
Cylon Bingo / BEE KEEPING!?1:06:14128kbps4410060.65 MB
YES! Cylon Bingo is back with a vengeance as Nathan rages against EVERYONE! Join Adam, Nathan and Pat as they discuss child-acting, careers we were destined for, and broad social trends. With a sprinkling of Canadian content! BEES!? BEADS!?
With a sprinkling of Canadian content!
keywords: comedy-humor-cylon-bingo-bees-emo-funny-podcast-acting
Cylon Bingo / Patrick Potter and the Hungarian Meat Whistle0:53:47128kbps4410049.25 MB
Guess who came back from the dead? CYLON BINGO has returned after a brief hiatus to rock you with even more depraved sexual acts. Join Adam, Nathan and Pat as they get back on the horse and discuss the pro's and con's of Circumcision. Its Aural Sex even Parents and Kids can enjoy!
The Boys who Lived... SEX!
keywords: comedy-sex-funny-cylon-bingo-circumcision-humor-sexy
Cylon Bingo / Nostalgia vs Reality1:05:34128kbps4410060.04 MB
Episode 14: The cast revisits some childhood favourites and discovers they aren't all they were cracked up to be. Also, the Fans receive more of what they want as sex, tattoos and piercings are discussed. Join Adam, Nathan and Pat for continued hi-jinx with CYLON BINGO.
The cast revisits some childhood favourites and discovers they aren't all they were cracked up to be.
keywords: humor-comedy-cylon-bingo-thundercats-retro-childhood-nostalgia-funny
Cylon Bingo / The Halloween Special...Kinda.1:43:03128kbps4410094.35 MB
*Insert Scary Laugh Its a super-long spectacular as CYLON BINGO rolls out its Halloween Special. The cast goes French, question what is Canadian comedy, share stories of Trick or Treating, Masturbation in public, and high school drama's. You'll want 'More-al' of this Aural.
"HIgh School bad, Halloween good, Jerking off great"
keywords: funny-comedy-humor-halloween-cylon-bingo-the used-jerking
Cylon Bingo / Parental Fornication1:18:52128kbps4410072.21 MB
Low and behold a new episode of CYLON BINGO! Episode 16: Parental Fornication -- where the cast share sexual beginnings, wonder where Pat's pimp legacy started and comb over the leftovers of a bad dating experience.
Big Pimp leads to Little Pimp
keywords: funny-humor-pimp-comedy-canadian-sex-sexual-parents-dating
Cylon Bingo / Daylight Slavings Time1:03:00128kbps4410057.69 MB
Sunrise to Sunset with CYLON BINGO! Adam and Nathan go it alone and rail against DST, and Nudist Beaches but reach out to Scott Pilgrim and James Cameron. When Pat is away the boys still play. Come listen!
A Brief History of British Meddling...
keywords: humor-funny-comedy-cylon-bingo-DST-Nude-Nudity-Nude Beach-Scott Pilgrim-Cameron
Cylon Bingo / The Lighter Side of Death1:09:59128kbps4410064.08 MB
EPISODE 18 -- The Somber One! Listen as the 'cast discuss the ins and outs of Death! From Prison Rape, to Assisted Suicide, to Boy Scouts and Funerals, the boys can't get enough of the D stuff. Before you expire, kick back and listen to CYLON BINGO!
Death, Suicide, Boy Scouts and Funerals
keywords: humor-comedy-funny-cylon-bingo-prison-rape-boy scout-funeral-suicide
Cylon Bingo / Handjobs and Gladrags1:16:39128kbps4410070.18 MB
An episode with the original title “Worst. Episode. Ever.”, turns into something worth listening to! Who is the next Shia Laboeuf? Which Canadian actor has died? Which member of the cast has the best 'member'? Listen to EPISODE 19 and find out!
The 'Worst' or the 'Best' -- Depending on who you ask
keywords: comedy-humor-leslie nielson-canadian-sex-funny-cylon-cylon bingo
Cylon Bingo / Discharging & Prostitution...IN SPACE1:18:17128kbps4410071.69 MB
From Shit Shows to Shit Water! In EPISODE 20 the boys play Legal Eagles while discussing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the legal definition of Prostitution in Canada. Join in the debate by downloading CYLON BINGO!
From Shit Shows to Shit Water
keywords: humor-funny-comedy-cylon-bingo-shit-prostitution-canada-satellites
Cylon Bingo / CHRISTMAS & Meat Pies1:15:56128kbps4410069.52 MB
EPISODE 21, the dreaded Christmas show. Join in the reindeer games as past holidays are revisited, Pat is made fun of (constantly) and secrets are revealed. Also, a discussion of the film ratings system. One year down, so many more to go.
Yulelog Meat Curtains
keywords: muse-comedy-funny-cylon bingo-cylon-meat curtains-smiths-mcr-christmas
Cylon Bingo / The 'Fighter'1:14:56128kbps4410068.61 MB
Happy New Year from CYLON BINGO! Listen in awe as Nathan relates a tale of home invasion, Pat questions his reality and Adam decides to stand against the Blue Beans! You can't ask for better Aural from 3 Canadians - LISTEN!
Nathan has to fend off an attack, and repel an invasion.
keywords: home invasion-attacked-attack-new years-blue vulva-comedy-funny-cylon-bingo-cylon bingo-canada-canadian
Cylon Bingo / A Glass of TWONK!1:03:39128kbps4410058.28 MB
This episode is Thirsty Work! The boys discuss the future of smoothies, breakfast and live naughty entertainment. Also, a brief discussion on kinks and fetishes. So grab a glass of 'puice' and listen to CYLON BINGO!
Its All Natural From God's Navel
keywords: cylon-bingo-sex-funny-comedy-humor-circumcision-amputation-vagina-smoothie-fetish
Cylon Bingo / T&C EPISODE ONE0:42:07128kbps4410038.56 MB
Toaster and Chips! A sister series to CYLON BINGO featuring material removed from prior episodes.
Excised Material thats actually worthwhile
keywords: comedy-funny-humor-humour-cylon-bingo-toaster-chips
Cylon Bingo / T&C Episode Two0:37:20128kbps4410034.19 MB
More deleted goodness from CYLON BINGO! Listen in to material removed from EP23 'A Glass of TWONK!'. Then, pop over to iTunes and give us a review.
More Excised Material
keywords: comedy-funny-humor-canada-cylon-bingo-deleted
Cylon Bingo / Censor Shmensor0:53:00128kbps4410048.52 MB
Rail against censorship with CYLON BINGO! Lets start things off with a sip of breast milk and plow right into Circumcision vs Vasectomy, slam Dire Straits and Huck Finn, defend Ricky Gervais and Dave Seville and stop a pair of dictators with oral pleasures.
Breast Milk, M.A.C.'s, Circumcision, Vasectomy, Censorship and Star Wars
keywords: breast milk-circumcision-vasectomy-ricky gervais-comedy-humor-funny-cylon-bingo
Cylon Bingo / Yorgi's Nice Penis1:03:30128kbps4410058.14 MB
From Television to 'Knob News'! The boys bash Buffy, recap The Simpsons, delve into Drew Carey, dance with Faxanadu, research Male Enhancement Devices, donate dicks and laugh like morons with Johnson Motors. Join in the fun with CYLON BINGO!
Pop Culture, Video Games and Penial News
keywords: cylon-bingo-cylon bingo-television-charmed-buffy-simpsons-drew carey-funny-humor-comedy-penis-extension-donation-canadian
Cylon Bingo / Mac Tonight was a Pervert1:06:05128kbps4410060.5 MB
A DEAD SPACE 2 review, our views on the Super Bowl and the current political climate and finish with a look back at the worst advertising mascot of the 80's.
Crescent shaped, moon-headed kiddie fiddler.
keywords: dead space-dead space 2-2-comedy-humor-humour-funny-mcdonalds-mcdlt-mac tonight-fraggle-fraggle rock-super bowl-stephen harper
Cylon Bingo / Three Tits, Two Weeks0:56:47128kbps4410052 MB
No romantic notions here. Plenty of Knob News.
5.9in sounded big...
keywords: Knob-Knob News-Comedy-Humor-Humour-Funny-Kaiser-Total Recall-Boobs-Tits
Cylon Bingo / Animals and Sandwiches0:47:00128kbps4410043.03 MB
A whole episode of the 'best' kind of talk. Be a part of an impromptu game, listen to one sexy grandma and eat a cruel sandwich. Its the 30th episode of CYLON BINGO! Subscribe before its too late!
Zoophilia Throughout
keywords: bestiality-zoophilia-comedy-humor-humour-funny-canada-cylon-cylon bingo-sexy-grandma-mr hands
Cylon Bingo / A Million Little Pieces1:04:38128kbps4410059.19 MB
An episode filled with bits and pieces recorded weeks prior. Its all the best moments, cobbled together into the most over produced show possible. Enjoy a little CYLON BINGO!
Bits and Bits and Bits
keywords: comedy-humor-humour-funny-cylon-cylon bingo-batman-academy awards-statler
Cylon Bingo / College Boy!1:17:48128kbps4410071.24 MB
The boys jump all around the map with this one: the pop culture references start flying, Adam takes Nathan to task for being too "College", Atlantis is discovered as Japan sinks and Munsch is Cunched. Its CYLON BINGO, College Boy!
They came, they saw, they spoke
keywords: cylon-bingo-podcast-humor-funny-humor-munsch-atlantis-japan-college
Cylon Bingo / So Much Pleasure!0:49:45128kbps4410045.56 MB
Download! Its the least you can do! Used Games, the cleaning habits of fat people, Pat's real voice, "Syndrome a Down-Down" and Charity
Morning Thomas!
keywords: comedy-funny-humor-fat people-downs-down syndrome-used games-cylon-bingo
Cylon Bingo / Tech Chat with Adam & Pat1:00:30128kbps4410055.39 MB
Adam & Pat go it alone and chit chat about technology both old and new.
No Nathan, No Problem
keywords: cylon-bingo-cylon bingo-funny-humor-comedy-canada-playstation
Cylon Bingo / Hey Jane! FYS!0:54:24128kbps4410049.81 MB
The boys answer a critic, try to rename the podcast, look back to childhood television, rag on religion and wonder where the candy profits are.
Answering charges from Mrs. Jane M.
keywords: e-mail-cylon-bingo-cylon bingo-humor-funny-comedy-religion-peter gabriel
Cylon Bingo / The Lost Episode: 9 Guys 1 Bucket1:09:29128kbps4410063.63 MB
The Lost Episode - Now, not so lost. Recorded way back in time, this is one fantastic episode. Learn about Adam's dream career, ponder the legality of cartoon porn and discover if Nathan can outwit a mass murderer.
The Best Podcast you've never heard!
keywords: cylon-cylon bingo-bingo-comedy-funny-humor-humour-sexy-dirty cop-consent-Canada
Cylon Bingo / Freaky Friday0:53:43128kbps4410049.19 MB
We look at the lives of Royalty, wonder where our names came from, switch bodies and "Groundhog Day" the last 13 years again and again. Stay tuned at the end for the debut of "General Kranken Haus" - The BEST pod-radio drama on the net!
Not affiliated with the multitude of movies named 'Freaky Friday'
keywords: canada-funny-humor-humour-humorous-cylon-cylon bingo-kranken-welpern-radio drama-time travel-british-royals
Cylon Bingo / Tech Chat with Adam and Pat Two0:57:23128kbps4410052.54 MB
Episode 38 is a technological terror! Adam, Pat and Nathan do a quick review of the new Blackberry Playbook, discuss the possibilities of the new Nintendo Console, bash the Playstation and hate on cell phones. For those paying attention, this week features episode 2 of "General Kranken Haus" - the BEST Pod-Radio drama on the net.
The Second Installment of "Tech Chat"
keywords: tech chat-humor-comedy-funny-cylon-cylon bingo-kranken-welpen-ps3-playstation-network-nintendo-cell phone-blackberry-playbook
Cylon Bingo / Currentish Events0:55:35128kbps4410050.89 MB
Episode 39 keeps it current with Canada's election coverage, the death of Osama Bin Laden and a recent jail break. Slow or fast, you've got to listen to CYLON BINGO! Stay tuned past the politcal chat for Episode 3 of "General Kranken Haus" titled 'Cake Walk' - Its the best Pod-radio drama on the net!
We've gone Political
keywords: canadian elections-stephen harper-jack layton-ndp-liberal-conservative-osama-funny-humor-canada-humour-cylon
Cylon Bingo / Dead by 400:51:28128kbps4410047.13 MB
Adam declares that '40 is the new 72' in the 40th episode of CYLON BINGO! Picking up where "Currentish Events" ended, the boys dish on sushi, offer flirting advice to Pat and discuss the inevitable Death by 40. Make sure you stay tuned for the 4th episode of “General Kranken Haus” titled 'Gypsy Tears' -- Its the best Pod-Radio drama on the net!
Adam declares that '40 is the new 72'
keywords: dead-40-cylon-bingo-flirting-dating-comedy-funny-kranken-welpen-general-humor-humour
Cylon Bingo / Zebra Skinned Scooter1:10:54128kbps4410064.91 MB
How would you kill yourself? Which board games did you used to play? Does Pat have a chance with his lady-friend? Did Pat date a chubby girl? “Cuckolded”? What will Nathan do after marriage? Which 'cast member partook in youthful pants rubbing? All of these questions answered plus a new episode of “General Kranken Haus” - The Best Pod-Radio drama on the net - only on CYLON BINGO!
It starts with Suicide and ends with Molestation. Its kind of like life in reverse.
keywords: suicide-cuckold-cuckolded-marriage-dating-sex-funny-comedy-humor-humour-canada-canadian-cylon-bingo-kranken-welpen-general-haus
Cylon Bingo / Thanks for the Venom1:09:51128kbps4410063.96 MB
The 'cast discuss a recent barrage of questions posed to them by listeners/haters. This week features episode 6 of 'General Kranken Haus' - The Best Pod-Radio drama on the net - entitled "Falling off Cliff Richards". Download and share CYLON BINGO!
Attempting to answer your questions
keywords: cylon-bingo-comedy-canada-funny-humor-humour-kranken-welpen-thor-rage-relationships-fighting-porn
Cylon Bingo / Mennonite Kryptonite1:07:59128kbps4410062.24 MB
Its Adam and Pat without Nathan. Big N says 'goodbye' to his virility, Adam questions the 'Amish Problem' and Pat moves in with Mennonites. All this and more -- including 'General Kranken Haus' episode 7 "Boot Polish" -- on CYLON BINGO!
Providing Inferior Information
keywords: funny-humor-humour-cylon-bingo-canada-mennonite-amish-arthur
Cylon Bingo / Videogames and Vasectomy1:28:47128kbps4410081.29 MB
Its an oversized episode of CYLON BINGO! The boys discuss video games, Pat's big purchase, Nathans long-awaited Vasectomy, the painful birth process, overpopulation, natural disasters, genderless children and IT Stereotypes. Its too much might for one mic!
Longer and Harder... Hitting
keywords: cylon-bingo-canada-humor-humour-funny-comedy-vasectomy-genderless-children-IT nerd
Cylon Bingo / Hey Aunt Judy! FYS!1:10:26128kbps4410064.49 MB
The boys spend too much time talking about TRANSFORMERS and action figures before moving onto chick flicks, chain mail, surgery porn and Pat's Aunt Judy. The only place you can hear these discussions – plus episode 08 of “General Kranken Haus” titled 'Moose & Squirrel' – is right here on CYLON BINGO!
Is she tight?
keywords: transformers-funny-comedy-canada-humor-humour-cylon-bingo-kranken-welpen-general-surgery-porn-chain-mail-action-figure-toys
Cylon Bingo / The Gospel According to Us0:56:53128kbps4410052.09 MB
We put religion under the spotlight in this weeks CYLON BINGO! Adam and Nathan begin the show by pitching a “chick flick” based on Pat's life then move quickly onto their interpretation of theology. Moving right along, the boys discuss their Worst Movie-going Experiences, review “X-Men: First Class” and end it all with Nathans attack on January Jones. Download your one way ticket to hell!
Because Faith is a Fact
keywords: Religion-Theology-Chick Flick-Worst-Movie-Experience-XMen-First Class-Movie Review-January-Jones-Comedy-Funny-canada-humor
Cylon Bingo / Benevolent Sexism0:57:42128kbps4410052.84 MB
We discuss the issues of so-called “Benevolent Sexism” and Female Circumcision before jumping into the murky waters of what fidelity means in modern relationships. Its Canadians helping the world, as usual. Download CYLON BINGO and get in on the goodness.
It might actually exist...
keywords: female-circumcision-benevolent-sexism-comedy-humor-humour-funny-canadian
Cylon Bingo / A Kranken Spectacular1:05:27128kbps4410059.93 MB
They are KRANKEN WELPEN and they deserve to be heard! Download this episode and listen to a solid hour of comedy from East Germany – The first eight episodes of “General Kranken Haus” back-to-back for your listening pleasure.
The first eight episodes of “General Kranken Haus” back-to-back for your listening pleasure
keywords: comedy-funny-canada-humor-humour-parody-kranken-welpen-general-cylon-bingo-serial-drama-sctv
Cylon Bingo / Kranken Khristmas0:42:40128kbps4410039.08 MB
Its a Kranken Khristmas, Cylon Bingo! Thats right, we're celebrating the holidays in July! Just as you've always suspected we Canadians do things backwards. Grab a glass of rancid eggnog and down this 40 minute holiday special from the other side of the Wall. Kranken Welpen and Cylon Bingo – the blueprints for world domination/peace!
Come celebrate Christmas...with July
keywords: comedy-humor-humour-funny-kranken-haus-general-welpen-cylon-bingo-canada
Cylon Bingo / My Favourite Kinks0:57:04128kbps4410052.25 MB
Adam and Nathan reveal their reaction to "normal" people showing up in movies, watch "Rich Bride, Poor Bride" and detail the kinks they like best.
Kitten Whiskers, Puppy dog tails, Pixie Cuts and B-Cups
keywords: roger-ebert-pixie-sex-sexy-bride-judy-comedy-funny-humor-humour-cylon-bingo-canada

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